How to get there

From Beirut, it’s a 2 hours and a half drive:

Make your way to Baalbeck, then continue 30km North on the main road until you reach Jdeideh/Fakher, after the village Al Ain. Ask anyone in Jdeideh about Rachid Nasr and they will tell you.

Basically, after the church on the right hand side, take the second right, that is just before and opposite to the mosque, and 300m into the street, you will find the Domaine on the right hand side.

NB:We can handle taxis between Beirut and the domain for groups of 4 minimum .

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  1. March 24, 2011 at 08:22

    A typical tour would be: Beirut, Ksara, Baalbeck, Domaine Al Rachid stay.
    Day 2: Continue to the Cedars via Deir El Ahmar, Down to Qadisha (or the coast) and back to Beirut.

    You can stay 2 nights also; In this case visits to the neighboring sites can be done: the Orontes, Qamou3 El Hermel, with Truites lunch at the Orontes, or even some off-roading up the mountains.

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